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have empathy 

& trust 

Everyday vulnerabilities in humankind. 



Created and performed @ Riley Theatre 2019

Choreography - Lisa-Sofia Ziemann, in collaboration with dancers 

Dances - Marcus Francisco, Ellie Grice, Marla, King, Iolanda Portogallo, Hannah Ismire Wilson, Sasha Woods & Julia Zlotnick 

Lighting design - Mathilde Ytterstad 

Photo credit: Laura Booth 

Dancer: Sasha Woods

Creative portfolio: About


A humorous duet, poking fun at mime
Blending mine, dance and using the pretend world to begin to effect reality...

Created and performed @ Riley Theatre 2019
Performers: Ellie Marsh & Lisa-Sofia Ziemann
Choreography: Lisa-Sofia Ziemann in collaboration with Ellie Marsh.
Lighting Design: Mark Baker & Beth Connellan 
Stage Management: Mathilde Ytterstad

Photo credit: Beth Connellan

Dancers: Ellie Marsh & myself

Creative portfolio: About
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“Pollution rainbows instead of oil spills,

magical castles instead of crappy makeshift dens,

 seeing the world through the perspective of a child who is Pillow(talking)”

Created 2016 @ Northern School of Contemporary Dance 

Choreography Lisa-Sofia Ziemann in collaboration with dancers 

Creative direction - Lisa-Sofia Ziemann 

Dancers- Ashlin Huck, Matilda Bjarum, Marla King and Gabby Sanders 

Camera work - Lisa-Sofia Ziemann and Matilda Bjarum

Editing - Lisa-Sofia Ziemann 

Creative portfolio: About
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